Senin, 07 April 2014

Yuk, kita buat kerang dari bubur kertas..

Beberapa saat yang lalu, saat teachers mengajak anak-anak membuat bubur kertas, anak-anak punya ide yang lebih baik, yaitu membuat kliping dari gambar-gambar yang digunting dari Koran. Tapi kali ini, anak-anak antusias merobek kertas Koran.

Apta: Mau bikin apa, Kak?
Teacher: Kita mau bikin bubur kertas.
Rayn: huh..? bubur kertas?
Al: bubur..bisa dimakan dong!
Teacher: bubur kertas tidak bisa dimakan, nanti kita bentuk pakai cetakan kerang ini ya..
Teacher: Yuk, bantu kakak rendem kertas korannya lalu diremas, ya, seperti ini..
Anak-anak dengan senang hati membantu teacher.
Teacher: Nah, sekarang kita mau saring bubur kertasnya..Lihat ya apa yang terjadi..
Zahra: Koq ada saringan nasi? Mau dimasak ya, kak?
Teacher: Ini untuk saring buburnya..lihat airnya keluar…Nah, sekarang tinggal dimasukkan ke cetakan..
Anak-anak: Aku mau, aku mau….
Selesai dimasukkan ke cetakan, anak-anak menyimpannya di teras supaya kering..

Keesokan hari, tiba waktunya untuk melihat hasilnya. Anak-anak boleh mengecat hasil cetakannya.

Al (dengan wajah yang heran): Ini dari koran kemarin, kak?
Teacher: Iya, dari bubur kertas yang kita buat kemarin, Al. Sekarang tinggal di cat ya...

Dari Papua ke Kalimantan n Sumatera

Setelah membahas Papua, topik kelas bulan Maret adalah Kalimantan..Wah, anak-anak semangat memperhatikan gambar-gambar yang menarik yang sudah disiapkan di komputer ..ada bekantan, burung enggang, ada aneka warna duren, ada gambar orang suku dayak, dan gambar alam khas Kalimantan.

Darren: Wah, itu seperti di Dufan! (saat melihat gambar becantan)
Rayn: Durennya ada yang warna merah!
Al: Wah, orangnya banyak tato! (saat melihat gambar orang dari suku Dayak)
Sasa: Ini kan burung enggang (saat melihat gambar burung di buku).
Candra: Ular! (saat melihat gambar sungai Mahakam)

Dari Kalimanta, yuk kita terbang ke pulau Sumatera…yang paling diingat oleh anak-anak mengenai ciri khas pulau Sumatera adalah Gajah yang bermain sepak bola, Jam gadang. Danau Toba, dan harimau Sumatera.

Areal geografi di Saraswati dilengkapi dengan aneka pernak pernik sesuai khas daerah seperti miniatur rumah tradisional, kain tradisional, puzzle peta, dan kartu mencocokkan ala Montessori, didukung oleh gambar powerpoint di komputer yang dapat diakses oleh anak-anak. Dengan aktifitas yang bersifat multi-sensorial seperti ini, informasi diserap dengan baik oleh anak-anak seperti saat Zahra bepergian dengan orang tuanya..

Zahra: Ibu, itu kaya rumah honai yang di Papua (saat melihat kafe dengan atap jerami dipinggir jalan kearah Lippo ).
Saat melihat restoran padang, Zahra berseru, ‘Rumah Gadang!’

Senin, 17 Maret 2014

Teachable Moments...

This morning the children were riding their little cars and motorcycles in the front yard, when they all suddenly stopped. For a while there was quiet. Hmm… what could the children be up to? It turned out to be a 5 cm colorful caterpillar crawling on the cemented lawn. Teacher took this wonderful opportunity to get the kids to discuss about caterpillars.

Teacher: kira-kira mau kemana ya ulatnya? (where do you think the caterpillar is going?)
Zara : mau cari makan (looking for food)
Candra: mau makan daun (its going to eat the leaf – referring to the dried leaves scattered on the lawn
Apta: Ngga, dia ga bisa makan daun kering. Dia cari daun yang lembut. (No, it can’t eat dried leaves. It’s looking for fresh soft leaf)
Teacher: Coba lihat ada warna apa saja? (What colors do you see on its body?)
Children: Red, yellow, black, green
Teacher: Yes, lots of pretty colors. It’s going to be a beautiful butterfly!
Zara: Lihat! ulatnya ke rumput.. (Look, it’s crawling away to the grass)

All the children watched the caterpillar crawl away to the grass. Just then, the children’s attention drifted to Rayn who had just arrived. They called out to him excitedly and asked him to come quick to see the caterpillar. Suddenly, they couldn’t find it anymore! The children looked but it was gone!

Apta: Nanti kita cari lagi ya pasti dia sudah jadi kepompong! (We’ll find it later, it must have become a cocoon)
Teacher: Besok kita baca mengenai ulat, mau? (Well, do you all want to read more about caterpillars in class?). It was a unanimous 'Yes' from the children. 

Rabu, 12 Maret 2014

Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

All about Papua

This February we geared the class unit theme from Australia to Papua.. Back to our home country, Yay!
We talked about the people of Papua and their homes and festivities, we collected pictures of the Papuan people, the animals, and the forests of Papua and we also downloaded their music and dance. The children were delighted to know that many of the animals of Australia are similar to those in Papua. And to top it all, the children visited the Papuan Village in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).

'Orang Papua hitam. Aku kulitnya hitam jadi aku orang Papua ya?' tanya Zahra (The Papuans have dark skin. I have dark skin, am I Papuan?' Zahra asked)
'Ooo..dia pakai apa di hidungnya?' ('what's he wearing in his nose?' Jaffan wanted to know when he saw a Papuan man statue with a wild pig canine protruding from his nose)
'Koq kerangnya bisa bunyi?' ('How come the shell can make a noise?'  'Yes, the Papuans blow this shell when they want to gather the people of the village', a Papuan official explained)
'Lihat, aku bisa keluar dari sini, lho!' (Look, I can go in and come out on the other end of this honai house.'The children were excited to enter the Papuan Honai house.  'but this house's not nice!' Al commented.)

While at TMII, the teachers took the opportunity to take the children to the fresh water aquarium, the insect museum and the bird park.
'ikannya gede seperti papaku!'

('This's fish is as big as my dad', Al said. The children were amused to see the fish play ball - fish food was attached to a ball.
At the insect museum, Apta was excited to find a cocoon. Nayla saw a butterfly sitting on a leaf and said, 'itu kupu-kupu lagi bertelur!' 'Look, that butterfly's laying eggs.'
The children finally found the 'cendrawasih' bird at the bird park.
 'Ooo...look at its loooong tail.' 'Isn't it pretty?'
And the cassowary bird, too! On hearing its gurgling song, Jaffan exclaimed, 'burung kasuarinya mau muntah!' 'It's going to vomit!'
Shirin referred to discussion in class about the cassowary bird feet being so sharp that the Asmat people make knives out of them 'Itu kan burung kasuari, kakinya diambil untuk dijadiin pisau.' 

A very fruitful trip indeed! Next unit theme is Kalimantan island.   


Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

Grass flower art

The children had a chance to play outdoor sometime last week. It had been raining all month, right up to the Chinese New Year, so when the sun peeked out for a while, the children could not wait to spend sometime outside. The teachers had set up the Art table out on the backyard porch so that the children could do some finger painting while enjoying the nice weather.  Some of the children immediately set out to work with the finger paint. Not Darren though! He preferred to walk around the yard. The grass had overgrown a bit with all that rain, and grass flowers sprouted here and there. Darren picked a few of the grass flowers and brought them over to the Art table. Then he took one blade of grass and started painting with it. The effect was lovely. Soon, all the children wanted to paint with the grass flowers. Young children are so amazingly creative...!


Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

January Activities

The children were excited to be back to school after the year end holidays. The Class topic continued with 'Australia', but this time we talked about the animals in the Great Barrier Reefs. They finger painted a whale, a starfish, and a turtle. The children specially enjoyed the free finger painting. What joy to explore with the different colors and spread it all over the paper, no boundaries to worry about!

It was science exploration at the water table.' Look! the plate can float like a boat but see what happens when the stones are put on, two, three stones...the plate's sinkiiiing!..' and the exploration continued with the children putting other objects on the plate.

We added some flannel shapes for the children to work with..Ata specially loved it and created a rocket, then 'papa'. The homemade play dough is an all time favorite. We did not provide any tools to encourage the children to do some free sculpting with their hands.

The children have been practicing the "Ant Dance' last semester. So, when we got invited to a dance and costume competition, we participated. Take a look at our dazzling beautiful ants! Al and Queen stole the show with their amazing traditional costume and was awarded third place! Congratulations Children! The children also participated in a coloring competition conducted by IGTK Jakarta Barat.
Notice the display board?..  The
children's finger painting of the
animals in the barrier reef 

It has been raining heavily and many of the children stayed home last week due to the floods. But, we are looking forward to a nice sunny week ahead! Next, for our unit topic, we will be moving from 'Australia' to the Indonesian island of Papua..

Parents, please don't forget to have the children bring in images of Papua on Monday...welcoming any volunteers to share a Papuan folk tale with the children..